Friday, June 27, 2008


Fotos: Mario Testino

Tyler (sitting far right) & Franco (standing in hat)

Franco (far left in hat)

Franco (far right in hat)


Kaitlin said...

I saw a lot of photos from the campaign and was really impressed, it was such a gorgeous shoot!

Diego said...

In wich agency Franco Noriega works, and where is he from??

Maria Jose said...

Franco Noriega is from Peru

Anonymous said...

does anybody know if he used to be a swimmer? he looks like a blond swimmer from peru named franco noriega, don't know if he's the same person though..

Anonymous said...

yeah, he used to be a swimmer back in Perú

Anonymous said...

is the same swimmer i know him, he was in the national team with me :)

Anonymous said...

how cool!

last time i saw him was in campo de marte, april 1st 2006

then on a magazine some weeks ago XD

but in the article i didn't read anything about him being a swimmer =/

renato said...

el es hijo del dueño de PASTIPAN en Lima Perú

Anonymous said...

he is georgeous I know he is with wilhelmina right now, and he is shooting like crazy good for him!

Anonymous said...

he just to be a swimmer

Viviana Vargas said...

Yes, he si a swimmer he used to swim in Regatas Club i know him. I have a photo with him in his last vacation to Peru.

If you want to see, here it is.

Anonymous said...

Yes i know him too
He used to swim in regatas team in peru
Now he is so hot he is gorgeus and a good swimmer

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i meet franco noriega ! he's from peru and he was a swimmer on the club regatas

arturo pauta said...

hi, i know him, he is the boyfriend of a friend of mine... we love him because his pretty face, great body and awesome personality, with swimmer also... when he stay in lima we love to go to party to the valetodo

Lucho said...

what? franco noriega at the valetodo!? o.O

Anonymous said...

jajaja, q pavos son, get a life

Anonymous said...

OMG! now every body knows him!!!!! wen where really goog friends in peru, w sed to swim together he is so much fun and SO HOT scince EVER i used to tell his that every time.

its so great that he is doing those amazin photoshoots OMG!! i miss him so much... in his last visit to peru i wanst here!!! i wanted to kill myself

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