Sunday, November 9, 2008


When Sean Bell was brutally murdered by NYC police back in created an outrage that has repercussions today and and outcry that was echoed around the world. With the recent turn of events in our political system....and with the new election....hopefully those days, however crucial to our history can spark a reason for change in our society and change the global perception of our beautiful black youth.

Fotos: Ryan Bevans for
Beyond Race Magazine
Styling: Clifford Wray


goooooood girl said...

Very fine......

Anonymous said...

Sean bell and his associates were shot because they were drunk and high on ecstasy and acting erratic. after numerous attempts to calm the men down, and after bottles were thrown at the officers they reacted how they were trained to. Are you an idiot? DO you think these guys were like "hey lets shoot these guys for fun" or do you think they did something wrong. Maybe something to warrant it? Racial barriers will never be equal as long as people like you keep spitting out stupid shit like this. Two of the police officers were black. And racial lines are not being transgressed because your models are in certain magazines. They're in there because they're pretty. It's fashion. Quit the pro black bull shit and get on with the pretty pictures. I'm a black mail attending NYU. Go figure

Anonymous said...

I wonder what your tuition at NYU covers, b/c the fact that you wrote "black mail" doesn't say much for your education. And the fact that you are justifying excessive force, police brutality and plain MURDER is beyond words. It's b/c of "people" like you who like to turn a blind eye to obvious issues, such as racial profiling etc. that blacks as a whole have a tough time overcoming them. You give them the excuse to say..."That's not true, my friend is black and he says he's never experienced it"...b/c you are always strategically surrounding yourself with non-black/non "ethnic" folks, so that you are viewed as "not like the others"....until you are called out of your name on that one drunken night! And you realize, that no matter how hard you try...You are JUST like "them" no matter how much education, or how many of their women you consciously court. It's a new day! and the house negroe, is no longer relevant in modern times! WAKE UP BROTHER!

Anonymous said...

Anon is a complete ASS!
Bottle to guns go F-ing figure.
I deteste people always trying to go against the obvious just to stand out.

Great photo story.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the real Sean Bell wore a shirt with his name on it?

Also I would like for the people who were responsible for the first two comments ( anon and untouchable ) to go fuck themselves. Both of you sound like fucking idiots.

Anon, people should be proud of their heritage and where they come. Over 140 years have passed since the Civil War and the abolition of slavery. Guess what, racism is still prevalent in modern America regardless of "pro black bull-shit". Any and all racial issues should be addressed with fairness and equality.

Untouchable, to be completely honest you sound like a racist to me. You are promoting the segregation that African Americans fought so hard to ban. "Strategically placing you yourself with non-black, non-ethnic folks". Wow, I mean what can I say?

Here is some advice to all - THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE!