Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Gearing up for a NY STOMPFEST of seismic proportions....enough said!

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Adrian Fadida - 6'2"

Alex Smith - 6'2"

Alan Carey - 6'2.5"

Brian Johnson - 6'2"

Chris Pulliam - 6'2"

David Oliver - 5'11"

Derek Keeton - 6'1"

Dominique Hollington - 6'2"

George Serfes - 6'2"

Greg Kheel - 6'2"

Ibrahim Baaith- 6'2"

Jeremy Clem - 6'2.5"

Julius Beckers - 6'2"

Lukas Bossert - 6'2"

Lyle Lodwick - 6'2"

Makin Curry - 6'2"

Nelson Nieves - 6'1"

Nicholas Arakawa - 6'1"

Pawel Milner - 6'2.5"

Reid Prebenda - 6'2"

Remington Guest - 6'2"

Rob Devita - 5'11"

Salieu Jalloh - 6'1.5"

Shaun Haugh - 6'1"

Shawn Sutton - 6'1"

Stan Jouk - 6'2"

Tanz - 6'2"

Tommy Cox - 6'1"

Trent Kendrick - 6'2"

Tyler Riggs - 6'1.5"

Wendell Lissimore - 6'1.5"

Jon Malinowski, you're the best. Thank you for bringing this concept of mine to life and allowing both George and I to re-submit, re-submit and re-submit all the changes to make each card a work of art. The placement and positioning makes all the difference. :)


Anonymous said...

Those cards TOTALLY rock! You're right. Jon Malinowski is definitely the best. He did an amazing job. Red definitely has a roster of some of the best boys. Keep it up!

Jon M said...

Thanks Dave! I appreciate it! It was a great team effort and it's rewarding to bring the cards to life with such great photos from some of the world's best photographers. Congrats to all the Red guys on their successes in Milan and Paris and now on to New York!!

Ms. BillionHeiress said...

Amazing cards

Anonymous said...

I think all the models are inspired the most by Venezuela's beauties. Their body types and styles are pretty similar.

St. John said...

A fantastic job. Everyone looks great.

A-LI$T said...

those are incredible. & you said it- the placement IS perfecto!

malik m.l. williams said...

Stellar! I love this concept, especially the use of red. Each one is a work of art. Kudos to the entire team.

Anonymous said...

Any idea how credit crunch affected porn?

kelly divine