Thursday, August 13, 2009


Introducing.......PARKER HURLEY - 6' dk.blonde hair, hazel eyes

"There's a reason behind all the artwork I design".


Anonymous said...

Nice hair style..great photography..

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I have to say..I love fashion, I try and BE fashion when I want to, cause that is what it is all about...but there's a level where you must take a break from it all and just go NUDE!!!! brother now has made it to the cooperate level of one of THE houses of fashion and the stories I hear makes you want to CUT YOUR WRISTS!!'s a pretty cut throat industry..but I love this blog, the photography is great and I have to hand it to you...that it is NOT an easy job to undertake.I dated a lighting person that did most of these shows...he never saw the fashion, just setting up and taking down..NOW that is SAD cause I love fashion and how it can change your attitude in one does for me brings much joy into my life but I know when to use it and also it's a way of living your life, its not just the clothes on your back!


Anonymous said...

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