Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The much anticipated show cards from NY's Red Hot agency have finally arrived and are ready to set ablaze the fashion world.....and the most coveted runways of the NY fashion scene. Keep an eye out for runway "must haves" like REID, STAN, SHAUN & TYLER....and hot new comers already making quite an impact...like ALAN CAREY, CHRIS PULLIAM, SALIEU, DEAN, CALLUM & TRENT.....not to mention some of the most amazing ethnic boys in the business....MARCUS, WENDELL, NELSON, IBRAHIM, DOMINIQUE and SHAWN. With a carefully select and hand picked roster....RED is poised for a "STOMP FEST" of magnanimous proportions. :)

Fotos: The World's Best
Graphics: Jon Malinowski


Anonymous said...

horrible idea
can't even see the photos
try again ...be more creative!!!

Anonymous said...

it's TOO red
and the quality is just so bad!
i feel sorry for the models having to hand these out!