Tuesday, December 16, 2008


"When I look in your eyes....I see a tiny reflection of me."

Reid & Gage (7 weeks) - Outtake from German Vanity Fair

Foto: Robert Erdmann
Styling: Tobias Frericks


L. Millena said...

That's so cute :]

Bella said...

OMG! Is that really his baby????

No offence but i hope not!
he is very young.

if not then i'm sorry hahha

Anonymous said...

It is indeed his young son. Reid is around 22 and his son is a few months. He is young but I feel as though not all people should shy away from children and wait until they are 40

Anonymous said...

Reid is mature. Good for him, he can handle having a son :) Hes married too

Anonymous said...

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